Sunday, November 27, 2011

OCCUPY THE STADIUM! There has always been a venue for mass collusion.

Stadium Art is not just a Movement. You can actually nail it down, into the wall [see here].
27th November, 2011 (Expozine, Montreal) So far we've had a hot response to the 2012 Stadium Art Movement Calendar on the front lines at Expozine. The world is no longer innocent: The 2012 Stadium Art Movement is officially underway. It has been terrific to meet in the flesh the real people who are supporting this movement, grassing the roots and steaming in. As for those who stopped by today and are unfamiliar with this art from, we are not the only ones. Meet Britain's Ted Foxton. He sources yesteryear's photographs and turns them into priceless masterpieces. Fortunately he's found his way to a printing machine so you can get some at a cost closer to home. For the space above we've chosen Port Vale to open our major profile on this extremely important artist. Please go crazy and peruse his site. The more of this Stadium Art out there the further along the Movement. Thanks again Ted.

(With all due respect to the Occupy Movement, it is only now that we've weighed in with our pun to OCCUPY the Stadium. However, look at our history. Down the ages the political winds have blown in crowds amassed at football grounds. Research the Catalans vs. the Fascists during the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona, the Mining Leagues in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) whose clubs were formed in the hope of distracting workers from social justice only to become arenas where unionization occurred. Take back the terraces. The Universal Law of Metaphysics holds than no minority can dictate the actions of a majority. But also, nobody or no thing can prevent the minority from becoming the majority. So go to it. There's a place to stand. Hold your ground. It's for all of us.)

Otherwise this is not a political blog of any sorts. Have fun!

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