Saturday, December 24, 2011

PHILADELPHIA joins the Stadium Art Movement

24th December, 2011 (Montreal) Inspired by classical Roman architecture, the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field is a marvel set across the river from The Liberty City. You are looking at one of the last remaining stadiums from the first wave of construction. Franklin Field is an historical temple of worship, home of sagas of old yet ripe for the glories of today.
Official Map of U of P from southwest.
Philadelphia embodies all the elements of the Stadium Art Movement: extraordinary stadium design, a dense urban fabric made up of buildings from every era since the American Revolution, dramatic skylines and human movement across natural features on bridges and trains. It is a truly remarkable city by North American standards and for anybody interested in the history of architecture there won't be enough time for you.
This drawing was presented to my hosts during my last visit to the city in preparation for a mural deal I'm working on. Now that they have it I can share it with you. 
Look for more of these in the next year as we take the Stadium Art Movement on tour. Next: Chicago.

In the meantime: Verticle Street Art Montreal.

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