Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stadium Art Movement Commemorates the Birthplace of Grid Iron Football

Nestled at the foot of Mont-Royal, Molson Stadium is one of the more historically significant stadiums in the world.

12th June, 2012 (Montreal) Here is a mural of Montreal we have been doing for Montréalité. Still a work in progress,  it will eventually include the famous Olympic Stadium but now that the famous Molson Stadium has been inked into the skyline, the mural can now be considered an official output from the Stadium Art Movement.

Molson Stadium happens to be one of the most historically significant stadiums in all of North America. Site of the match which pitted Harvard visitors against McGill in a game of Rugby that combined the "Boston Rules" (an anachronistic code made up of remnants of Irish Football and other elements) this stadium saw some some other made-up rules added to what we have come to identify as Grid Iron Football today.
Make no mistake, American Football and Canadian Football each have their roots in this famous game between Harvard and McGill, whereby two teams sat down and ironed-out the new laws of play. At the time, there were so many versions of the game that a code was needed. After all, how can you win a league if each match you play on the way to becoming Champion has different rules and regulations than the last one?

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