Friday, December 13, 2013

STADIUM ART MOVEMENT goes OLD Skool at the Foire Artisinal... and other madness.

Original Drawings on the block at GG. This one has already sold so say hello and wave goodbye. Photo C. Theoret/

 13th December, 2013 (Montreal) Tonight the Greenlight Gallery [see here] is having a vernissage for their Holiday Show which includes street artists Danny Guay, Waxhead, I am Rurik, Citizen Sven, QBNYC, Future Lazor Now, Robin, Gawd, Jono Doiron, Chris Dyer, Marc Sirus, David Merk, Cryote, Lindsay Campbell, Adida "The Fallen Angel", Bfor, Luc Bouchard, Earthcrusher, James Bouthillier, IAMBATMAN, Baba Lye (Belinda) and the Stadium Art Movement (featured above). These originals are floating around the $200 mark but there is lots of art available at lower prices.

 Meanwhile this year's 2014 Stadium Art Movement Calendar is in it's final edition so there is even more reason to snap it up. This weekend (14-15 December) you can score this 12 image set at the Old Skool Crafts Fair--Foire Arisinal [please see here] in the Mile-End district of Montreal.

Cartographers Without Borders' take on the Mile-End
In addition to T-shirts and posters of the LAST EDITION of Stadium Art Movement Collectibles, we are also celebrating the district of Mile-End with a brand new map of the place.

Also this weekend, Puces Pop [please see here] run by Pop Montreal will also be stocking Stadium Art so there are no excuses for missing out on the last edition of the Stadium Art Movement Calendar.

Other retailers stocking our wares that will allow you to purchase online or by foot:

Montreal Plateau (Mid-Central): Montréalité
3960 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2W 1X9
Tel. 514.510.9907

Montreal Mile-End (Mid-Central): Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
211 Bernard Ouest
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2T 2K5
Phone: 514.279.2224

And of course the Greenlight Gallery who are listed on facebook as follows:

Next week we will be announcing where to find Stadium Art in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver so please keep visiting.

For 2014 look forward to more paintings and murals around Montreal as the we head into a new era.

First pass on "Jump for Joy" dipicting banned Chelsea fans parachuting into the celebrations of their cohorts.

Got any Stadium Art? Contact:

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