Friday, June 3, 2011

Spotlight on the Taffies

June 3, 2011 (Montreal)--The STADIUM OF THE DAY is Cardiff Arms Park, home of Rugby Football to all those who follow Wales. Here we have the classic view, which has since been through two more incarnations. Notice how similar the main stand is to the old Highbury, having been built during the same era. Long-associated with the voice of the choirs from her coal valleys, we have the Welsh Nation to thank for establishing a strong tradition of fanatical singing at sporting events. We're it not for the chanting faithful leading the way with their hair-raising rendition of the hymn "Guide me oh thou Great Redeemer" we wouldn't have such wonderful ditties as "Is that all? Is that all? Is that all you take away?" or "What the effin, what the effin, what the eff*ng hell was that?" and the incomparable "You're not singing anymore!"
So all stand and rise for the Welsh National anthem as we look upon a postcard scene where there was joy to be shared on the standing-room only terraces, that has since been totally radicalized by modern stadium design.

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