Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stadium Art Movement: Regular Service Resumes Today

June 2, 2011 (Montreal)--As of today we will be making regular daily updates on this blog with news of upcoming events and projects involving the Stadium Art Movement. A compilation of stories by Montreal Branch Manager Jonathan Himsworth that first appeared on the excellent site run by the Burgundy Lion will also be archived on our partner blog Now the Good News. We are looking for contributors and collaborators, but for the moment, let's just run our STADIUM OF THE DAY feature: Everton FC, Goodison Park in the late Sixties during the reconstruction of the main stand. All the elements are in place: the church silently witnessing the match in the corner; the elaborate cantilever of the upper tier of the new stand seemingly hovering over the action; the ornate gable of the old stand still intact, almost standing defiant with the crowd still packed in, despite all the upheaval:

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