Monday, June 13, 2011

Le Plateau Montreal is the Home of the Stadium Art Movement

14th June, 2011 (Montreal)--The Stadium of the Day feature this Tuesday is an original that I did for my dearest friend's wedding invitation. This is a huge privilege I've extended to the followers of the Stadium Art Movement because the wedding hasn't even taken place yet. You are seeing a preview never before seen, and this is my gift to you. It is in homage to the district of Mile End in Montreal with the Rialto Theatre prominent on stage left. In the distance is the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Downtown highrises and our beloved Mountain.
Most importantly, and the reason it is included in today's post, on the left rises the leaning tower of the Olympic Stadium. One of my favourite aspects of returning to Montreal is that you can see it rising over the East End of the city like an impatient spatula or fly swatter from miles and miles away. After the '76 Olympiad, the stadium was home to MLB's Montreal Expos until their departure for Washington. In the meantime it is used for important final stages of the Allouettes' CFL championship and major matches involving the Montreal Impact Association Football team. Here is a shot from the interior during the FIFA Under-21 finals (2007) involving Mexico. There were more than 37,000 in attendance. For an UNDER-21 match!
In the meantime, raise a toast to the citizens of Montreal--it has taken them years going without luxuries like flat smooth roads to pay off the capital costs of this deteriorating landmark. What's more, just as with many of its sister arenas built in the era--there are rumblings about tearing it down! Let's hope they keep the tower at least.
Clever readers will also notice I've neglected to mention another stadium that ought to be in view: McGill University's Molson Stadium. Don't worry, we will be featuring it in the coming days.

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