Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Montreal Mural with Corner Perspective takes over Garment District in the Foodie Industrial Complex north of HWY 40

13th December, 2105 (Montreal) It has been another busy year at the Stadium Art Movement.

Here are some selections that have yet to be documented. The sad news is that much of the data for the last year has been lost due to circumstances beyond our control. Recovery operations are still ongoing so keep coming back as more turns up.

Most of this year has been spent in the field away from communication links and access to dissemination equipment so please excuse the absence.

Montreal-Ville Mont-Royal from above HWY 40 looking south along Boulevard Acadie towards Outremont, Le Plateau-Montreal and the city centre. Park Ex is in the foreground.

Created for Agatex, in Ville St-Laurent.

The District north of the "40" is primarily garment factories converted to food distro centres... The tall building next to the rail lines is the 'Aristocrat'-- an old hotel now pock-marked and full of artists and musicians and the far-from-noble, working the frontlines to bring you all the next big thing.

Hwy 40 cuts a swathe atop Park Ex, Acadie Boulevard delineates Ville-Mont Royal, while Hwy 15 meets in a delta in bottom right.

Marche Centrale at the corner of the 40 and 15 is possibly the busiest intersection in Montreal.

Mural is designed to account for two planes at right-angles so the optimum viewing aspect is in the next pic.

Here the mural nears completion. Rockland Shopping Centre makes for an architectural crisis of function and identity that punctuates the leafy-privilege of VMR while underlining the fiasco that represents such a contrast in wealth, living space and density of two disparate populations separated by Acadie.

Parc Jarry with the Stade Pharmaprix. Famous Hydro Quebec Telecom Relay tower finally treated with the delicate appreciation its creator surely intended.

Close-up of Park Ex *(in progress)

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