Tuesday, December 15, 2015

San Francisco Has its Faults But Maybe They Are Truly Underground?

16th December, 2015 (Montreal)

I was in San Francisco in 1979... sitting on the steps in South Beach with my family. We were surrounded by wackos banging drums and dancing. I was ten years old at most.

I wanted to join them and live with them and become them.

My dad said I would have to wait till I was older.

That time came and went. Actually it never went. I still dance in public on the terraces at the football or in clubs or fests... I once had a HIGH SCHOOL colleague come up to me and say "My goodness, in 30 years, you haven't changed a bit!"

But this isn't fair. Old people who love to dance still love to dance. The thing is, now that old people who don't like to dance are old enough to not have to dance, they make all us people who like to dance SEEM YOUNG. Not wanting to dance is like going bald too early. Eventually you 'grow' into the look. But really, it just proves half those young people dancing are only there for one thing, and it ain't to dance, teehee.

Go to San Francisco when you are ten and dance in public to beggars and buskers and hobos and bandits and you will find yourself in very little need of material belongings in this lifetime.

Worked for me!

"Ridicule is, and  has always been... nothing to fear."-- Adam Ant.

In tribute to the dance, here is the city everybody loves to love. Too bad it ain't affordable to beggars, buskers, hobos and bandits... but nothing ever has been.

 San Francisco is the most densely populated city in USA after NYC. In fact, it always kinda reminded me of NYC, the way it is isolated on a presque-ile as the French might say.

First we start with a bit of a composition sketch to figure out the placement...

Then... in ONE TAKE... freehand we go to town... Say hello to the Giants next time you are in town. The old Candlestick Park has since been torn down and now you can sail into The Bay on your yacht and watch from the cockpit.

(Headline quote from BA Robertson's 1980 Classic "Kool in the Kaftan, Love and Peace Man")

Which is highly recommended to view while reading this blog:


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