Monday, December 14, 2015

LOVE ME says the roof on New City Gas as Patrimoine Montreal teams up with the Stadium Art Movement

14th December, 2015 (Montreal) In August Stadium Art Movement was invited to participate in Heritage Fest put on by Patrimoine Montreal (please see here).

This group is dedicated to the love and preservation of the darlings of Montreal Architecture. There really is not a more endearing group of people we could work with based on our joint appreciation of buildings.

The Fest was centred around New City Gas, a complex of three delightful Victorian era industrial buildings in the Griffintown District of Montreal's southside-- an area undergoing intense transition. New City Gas has a nightclub in one of the buildings that calls itself, New City Gas. So many people now think of the night club and forget the historical fact that the entire complex was one of Canada's first utility companies called New City Gas.

The idea was to perform live painting during the festivities. An aerial view of Griffintown seemed the most obvious thing to give to people. There is so much new development that within a week the picture was out-of-date. Never in the last two decades has Montreal seen this many cranes and foundation builders.

The Fest spanned three days. Friday night painting in the dark meant nobody could see my mistakes.

Day 2 was spent under the rail lines  as passing trains geared into Bonaventure... in the back loading area of New City Gas surrounded by Industrial Revolution era artifacts... in the sunshine. There couldn't be better conditions.

Day 2 close-up

Day 2 close up... more trees added.

Day 3 the artist in pic in order to show scale of the piece.

If you look closely, "Love Me" appears on the roof of one of the converted utility stations that make up New City Gas.

Perhaps this shot of the top floor of one of the buildings might convince you why Patrimoine Montreal chose this venue for Heritage Fest.

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